Ambient, Mood and Feature Lighting for Retail

LEDs can offer more choice and versatility with the same fixture than virtually any other lighting solution. 

With one fitting the possibilities are becoming seemingly endless with variations in colour, warmth and intensity possible without changing the bulb or fitting. 

Depending on the campaign, time of year or time of day, accent lighting can create dynamic and captivating effects. 

The right lighting solution manufacturer doesn’t create just a lighting product, but a flexible and dynamic system that is capable of adapting to the space and assisting your creative strategy.  

Elegant and flexible LED lighting fixtures can change design, colour and intensity to inspire marketing experts, retail consultants, lighting designers, staff and architects.   

Lighting can be an important part of branding a space and completing the look of a store to fit in with the overall marketing strategy. 

To truly convey the uniqueness for your brand, sometimes bespoke lighting design or fixtures are needed to fully realise the designers vision for the space. 

All of our fittings and fixtures are manufactured by us and can be customised right down to the wire. If none of our existing products fit your requirements, we can work together to develop a bespoke lighting solution that meets all of your needs. 

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Our specialist team is uniquely placed to help you realise your project vision with energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing solutions. Our product portfolio is extensive and we are more than happy to customise lighting for special projects or design bespoke lighting to meet specific needs.