Display and Cabinet Lighting for Retail

As well as lighting within a store or at the shop window, high product visibility and attractive lighting at the point of sale can be crucial to maximise impact and enhance the shopping experience. 

LED display lighting can ensure that merchandise and goods are shown in the right light to help boost sales and meet all the necessary safety requirements.

Whether you are lighting glass cabinets for retail goods or food products in refrigerated displays, LED lighting has many features to meet all your needs and create the right lighting solution.

LED lighting operates at a much lower temperature and generates much less heat due to its energy efficient bulbs. This means that the displayed goods have lower exposure to heat that could damage, spoil or fade the product over time. 

Also demands on refrigeration or air conditioning are lowered because less energy is required to maintain the necessary low temperatures and ensure products do not spoil.

LED lights do not contain any toxic elements, such as mercury found in fluorescent bulbs, and do not emit UV light. This makes LED a safer alternative for displaying items that are high in value or at risk of spoiling when exposed to UV.

Making the decision to switch to LED can be an investment, however lower energy usage lead to significant savings on both energy and maintenance costs.

By using dimming fixtures to control intensity of light to only when it is needed, LED lighting can lower your monthly energy bill significantly. 

High quality LED fixtures also benefit from less maintenance as well as much longer lifespans up to 50,000 hours of usage.

To ensure that goods are always shown in their best light, LEDs can be altered to provide a whiter or more neutral light. 

This means that goods displayed do not only appear true to colour and more natural, but the direct white light makes reflective items such as jewellery, metal and gemstones shine and sparkle.

Whatever your usage, the design and the fitting can be tailored and customised to meet the specific needs of the destination. 

Whether this be necessary specification requirements or satisfying the aesthetic vision of the lighting designer, our team is able to assist in customising a fitting or developing bespoke lighting solutions to meet the needs of your project.

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Our specialist team is uniquely placed to help you realise your project vision with energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing solutions. Our product portfolio is extensive and we are more than happy to customise lighting for special projects or design bespoke lighting to meet specific needs.