LED Lighting for Commercial Car Parks

There are many unique aspects that need to be considered for lighting car parks. 

Whether ground level surface car parks, multi-storey or underground car parks these spaces must meet all the standards for safety and security as well as being as energy efficient as possible to contribute to sustainability targets. 

Whether indoor or outside, car park lighting needs to run all day and all night. Using high quality LED lighting can ensure that your fittings last longer before they need to be replaced.

Primary concern in car park lighting is ensuring security as well as the feeling of safety for all users. Emergency lighting options are also available on many LED light fittings.

All LED lights can be purchased at the necessary brightness, warmth and colour rendering to ensure clear sight and an atmosphere of safety. Neutral white light will make sure pedestrians can see and be seen as well as providing a clear and colour correct image to any CCTV in place.

Depending on the usage of the car park, various lighting options can be used to save energy whilst maintaining uniformity of lighting and high visibility during peak times. LED fixtures can be supplied with dimmable fixtures and controlled so brightness is highest when it is needed most, and lowered to reduce energy consumption and light pollution in off-peak hours.

Being able to differ the light levels can be important for not only ensuring the space isn’t over-lit and causing obtrusive light pollution but also making cost effective energy savings. Town centre parking locations, park and ride and long stay car parks will require lower lighting levels than more high traffic areas such as major supermarkets, retail parts and short stay airport car parks.

Learn more about the lighting we have for use in commercial car parks and the various additional options available to meet the needs of your space.

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